Service Mesh for Mere Mortals – Free 100+ page eBook

A Guide to Istio and How to Use Service Mesh Platforms

For organizations adopting a microservices-based architecture, automated orchestration engines like Kubernetes have their limitations.

While they’re terrific for coordinating, maintaining and scaling microservice instances, they’re not so great for Zero Trust security, RBAC, network security or even standardization of platform services like service discovery and load balancing.

Service meshes solve these problems, but they can be intimidating to the beginner.

Download the full eBook to learn about the latest trends and enterprise practices, including:

  • Types of infrastructure used

  • Rates of workload virtualization vs.containerization

  • Primary types of workloads

  • Number of VMs and containers supported

  • Challenges with virtualization and containerization platform

  • Staff dedicated to managing virtualization platforms

  • Typical size of VMs

  • Plans to transition from virtualization to microservices

  • Support investment for virtualization platforms

  • Frequency of infrastructure meeting business availability targets

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